How to Scrap My Car

How to Scrap My Car

Selling your car for scrap may seem difficult, but Scrap My Carz makes it simple. Our skilled Customer Services Team is here to answer any questions you may have about scrapping your car. No need to leave your cosy home, no haggling, and we'll organise the essential papers for you.

With Scrap My Carz, you may sell your car regardless of whether it is ready for recycling, could be broken down for parts, or is still in working order. We buy vehicles in any condition, including those that are scrap, damaged, malfunctioning, broken down, have a high mileage, lack a MOT, or even have a significant amount of remaining kilometres.

How do I sell my scrap car?

Step 1: Get a Quote For Scrap Car Price

Simply input your car's registration number and postcode to receive a quick quote for your scrap vehicle. In order to provide you the highest price for your scrap car, we will utilise your car registration to identify the kind of vehicle you own and your postcode to pinpoint its position.

In order to determine a pricing based on the information you supply, we may additionally ask you a few questions regarding the state of your car. There is no commitment, and if you need more time to think it over, your quote is good for seven days.

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Step 2: Get Free Scrap Car Collection

If you select free scrap vehicle collection when you accept your quote, our local branch will contact you to make arrangements to pick up your automobile at a time that works best for you. No matter where you are in the UK—at home, at work, or in the garage—we collect scrap cars!

You can also choose to drop off your car with Scrap My Carz if you'd like. No appointment is necessary to drop off your car; simply show up during business hours at your nearby Scrap My Carz office with your quote reference number to check the specifics.

Whichever option you select, you must have your ID, your keys, and any necessary vehicle papers.

Step 3: Sell Your Scrap Car

If your car is ready to be recycled, it will be done so in a licenced scrap car recycling facility in accordance with the law. We'll see to it that you receive a copy of the car's DVLA Certificate of Destruction as confirmation that it has been retired from the road. Additionally, Scrap My Carz can assist you in properly completing your registration certificate (also known as the log book or V5C) to notify the DVLA that you are no longer in charge of the vehicle. When you sell your car, it's crucial to complete all the documentation correctly to prevent a DVLA fine.

The automobile payment is the only thing left to do! The most common payment method is an electronic transfer.

Step 4: The Hassle-free Way to sell your scrap car

Along with having all the information you require on our website, the Scrap My Carz Customer Services Team is here to help you when you sell your car to us. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

It's so simple to sell your scrap car with Scrap My Carz! Find out how much your scrap automobile is worth by requesting a free, immediate quote.

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