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    Can you drive a car without MOT to be scrapped?

    The MOT certificate is a critical requirement in ensuring the safety of your car. Without one, you are liable for prosecution from The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). However, an alternative to paying the high cost of an MOT test is to pay a smaller fee for a tax disc with an ‘F’ or ‘X’ on it. This indicates that the vehicle is not currently roadworthy and has no valid MOT certificate.

    What happens if your MOT certificate runs out and you need to get it tested? 

    In the past, you’d be looking at queueing for hours awaiting a test date, or paying a premium for private certification. That’s all in the past now though. With the new Government-run MOT Fast Track Service we can test you to qualify for or renew your MOT certificate in just two hours via a simple mobile phone app. We also provide our parts and labour guarantee, minimising any unexpected costs from failed results, and free delivery of your newly issued certificate back to your home address.

    The MOT certificate allows you to drive your car for 12 months and this includes using the car on the road. However, if you wish to drive through the UK and be in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales then you will need a valid Tplate or Euro-plate.

    Can you Drive a Car Without MOT?

    A car without an MOT might be a magnet for a parking ticket or fine. However, there are two exceptions. The first applies if the car is being driven to a pre-arranged appointment at an MOT centre; the second is if it’s being towed away for repair, perhaps to the garage that originally sold it.

    The law states that as soon as you manage to get your car's MOT booked and before the actual tests, you must be able to drive your vehicle in a safe manner and have working lights, brakes, indicators and mirrors. If you are driving an unsafe vehicle on UK roads, you could be issued with an MOT test failure or a driving ban.

    What if a car fails an MOT test?

    If your car failed its test, there is no need to panic. The MOT pass certificate shows when the test is next due. In the meantime, your vehicle will need to go back for an inspection.

    The other option available to you is to have your vehicle taken off the road. This must be arranged via DVLA. The vehicle will then need to be registered as SORN with them. Depending on the nature of the test failure, they may ask for proof that work has been done or ‘evidence of disposal’ (such as a receipt, invoice or photograph) and new N-plates will need to be displayed in the front and rear windscreens. Once this process has been completed, you should remove any standard plates from the window and keep them somewhere safe.

    Another option is to scrap the vehicle and apply for a refund of any tax or duty you have already paid. To do this, you’ll need to inform the DVLA and apply for a ‘scrap notice’. Only then can you transfer the vehicle registration to another car. You can also use your vehicle identification number (VIN) to transfer ownership of your car on to another similar make or model.




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