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    What documents do I need to scrap my car?

    Confused about what documents you need to scrap your car? Have you ever looked up how to scrap your car online to find the answer ‘just take it to the council and ask’? Well, that’s not very helpful is it! So we’ve done all the hard work for you. This article explains everything you need to scrap your car, from where you can do it, to which documents are necessary.

    In order to scrap your car, the first thing you need is proof of ID, usually in the form of a utility bill.

    This can be current or dated within the last 3 months, so it’s always best to check there’s no outstanding payments. You also need to show evidence of where you live - a driver’s license is fine as long as it shows your current address. Some paperwork - such as engine/odometer logbooks - are optional, but you may want to include one along with your other documentation just for peace of mind.

    The Department of Transport (DVLA) do not require you to hand in your documents when you scrap your car, but they are dependent on you declaring that you’ve disposed of your vehicle and that you are the registered keeper. To prove this, you should provide details of the DVLA when selling your car. Paperwork such as a Proof of where you live [a Utility bill or bank statement], will need to be presented.

    Photo identification and proof of address

    The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 demands that any individual scrapping their vehicle must provide the authorised treatment facility (ATF) with an up to date photo ID such as a valid passport or driving licence. They must also supply proof of address, for example a recent utility bill.

    V5 registration document

    The V5C is a record of all of the details that are associated to your car. The document will prove that you are the licence holder, the registered keeper of the vehicle and will detail any information on the vehicle's tax. If you are going to scrap your car, it is important that you get rid of this document via the DVLA as soon as possible.

    Unfortunately, if you lose it or it gets stolen there is no way to get a new one. Make sure you keep yours in a safe place at all times and store an official copy off site such as in a bank's safe deposit box.

    Certificate of Destruction

    Given the amount of damage done to your vehicle, it’s crucial that you receive a Certificate of Destruction (COD) from the ATF. Without it, anyone could say they legally stole your car. An ATF will sign and date the COD for you, proving that you have destroyed your vehicle by sending it to an authorized facility for recycling.

    This Certificate of Destruction (COD) is your proof that your vehicle has been successfully recycled. This certificate shows that the scrapping of your car has been witnessed by an Automotive & Transportation Industry Security Association (ATIS) certified representative.

    Proof of vehicle purchase

    Be sure to store your original Proof Of Purchase document in a safe place. It’ll be necessary if you take the car to an MOT centre, need to prove it has not been written off or need another copy of your V5C registration document.




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