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Have you been in an accident and had your Audi written off? Is it beyond repair and too costly to replace? Are you searching for a way to get some additional income to help you buy a new car?

If your Audi meets any of the above requirements, you could discover that scrapping it is the best option. While there are numerous variables to consider before scrapping an Audi, our site has all you need to know.

Learn about the various reasons your Audi may be scrappable, which Audi models are worth the most when scrapped, and the various scrapping and selling alternatives available.
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    scrap my audi car for salvage

    Scrapping an AUDI car? Get an instant online quote

    We know the best way to scrap your old Audi! 

    Scrap my carz provides a high level of customer service

    We've been in the automotive business for far too long, and our team has enough experience with individual car manufacturers that your old scrap Audi can be re-used for its old parts before being scrapped for metal. We have a number of Network partners who are willing to pay the most for your scrap vehicle. It has took over 20 years of business to get to this stage of having premium buyers for your old vehicles. 

    We understand how important it is for you to get the best price for your scrap Audi removal, but we also understand how important it is for the process to go smoothly and benefit you. Everyone values their time, and we understand that our customers want to scrap a car without wasting too much of it.

    As a result, our online process is exclusive! Especially with the new Covid-19 restrictions brought in due to the coronavirus pandemic it has changed the industry with a click of a switch.  Therefore we want to offer a customer's a professional experience when you scrap a car with us. We have done this by introducing a contact FREE Collection service following government guidelines we can collect your old scrap car when its suitable for you. 

    Scrapping my audi



    It's a full-service scrap Audi valuation, removal, and recycling operation, right down to assistance with DVLA paperwork and direct payment. We make sure everything is in order so you can get back to living your life as soon as possible.

    The condition of Audi cars we scrap

    Our scrap Audi buyers are waiting to pay you for your car – whether it’s an MOT failure or an insurance write-off, we take them all. All it takes is a couple of clicks. Get your Audi scrap car valuation in under 60 seconds!

    • Un-Roadworthy Cars
    • Junk & Salvage Cars
    • Fleet Cars
    • Damaged Cars 
    • Non-Runners
    • Part - exchange Cars
    • Flood Damaged Cars


    We scrap all Audi models

    From an A1, A2, or TT, to a Audi A5, Q3 orQ7, we provide scrap Audi disposal offers for all models and all years.

    • Audi A1
    • Audi A3
    • Audi A4
    • Audi A5
    • Audi A1
    • Audi A3
    • Audi A4
    • Audi A5
    • Audi A6
    • Audi Q2
    • Audi Q3
    • Audi Q5
    • Audi Q7
    • Audi TT


    Fast, efficient service. Best quote provided of 3 different companies. My Audi TT collected next day in time slot agreed. Payment transferred immediately. Would recommend.


    Made an enquiry online for the value of the scrappage of my Audi A6, received a phone call within hours of the enquiry, agreed price and Audi was promptly collected the next day, payment made within 5 minutes of calling the office once they had established that I had alloy wheels. 5 star service


    I found this company very helpful, pleasant and honest. Good prices paid with no hassle and direct into bank account. The driver of the recovery vehicle was very kind and understanding. A very good company to use. Would highly recommend


    Frequently asked questions When Scrapping your old Audi

    Here you'll find answers to some commonly asked customer questions.

     If you have a question that isn't answered on the list, you can look at our comprehensive

    FAQs or use our live chat service.

    Would you scrap my Audi even if they don’t have keys?

    Yes, we do. One of our scrap car removal services in your area will have tools designed to transport a vehicle that lacks keys or is so badly damaged that the keys are no longer usable.


    What does the term ‘ATF’ mean?

    Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) is another term for scrapyard, salvage yard, or dismantler. Until parts are disposed of or recycled, an approved facility meets legal requirements to ensure that vehicles are depolluted.

    What happens if I can’t be with the car when it’s picked up?

    It's not a concern if you can't be there when your car is picked up. We do demand that someone be present when the vehicle is picked up, but it does not have to be the licenced keeper or legal owner. The person in charge of the vehicle will be required to show photo identification to our collection partner (either passport or driving licence). If you are unable to provide the vehicle logbook (V5C), the person who’s with your car will also need to provide a utility bill dated in the last 3 months.

    How much is my Audi scrap car likely to be worth?

    Your vehicle's scrap value will be determined by its weight and the elements that we will salvage and recycle. Any extras or modifications would not raise the price if the car is scrapped.

    Can I still get a quote to scrap my Audi if it has flat tyres?

    Yes, indeed. A car with flat or broken tyres can be recovered by some of the collection partners that help us scrap vehicles in the UK.

    I’ve added an aftermarket stereo – can I keep it?

    That's all right. Our scrap partners will collect any car, regardless of condition; however, if you can replace your aftermarket stereo with the original factory-installed model, you'll likely get a better deal.

    What we say is what we pay

    At Scrap my carz

    We started off from a small family business based in Greater Manchester.  Our ethos has always been to serve the customer and from this now we have a UK wide network of ATF Facilities ready to scrap my car for the best prices. So scrapping your old Audi with us, you would know your in safe hands.