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    Searching through scrap yards in search of the greatest bargain on a vehicle is a time-consuming chore that many individuals don't have time to perform on a regular basis. That's why we created a countrywide network of the most reputable local purchasers, commercial van breakers, and Authorised Treatment Facilities to make the process much easier for those wanting to sell their vehicle for trash or salvage.

    To scrap your vehicle, get a quick online quotation. Simply input your registration number and postcode, and we'll compare merchants in your region for you. Because of our high standards and user-friendly platform, we've collaborated with our buyers to offer a service where all our users have to do is supply us with their van's information, and we'll take care of the rest!

    How to Scrap of Your Van

    The procedure for scrapping a van is similar to the procedure for scrapping a vehicle. In order for us to create a quotation for your vehicle, we'll need the following information. You may do so by phoning one of our advisers at 03300431906, or filling out the form at the top of this page. We need your postcode to check which buyers are available and functioning in your region, and we need your registration number to identify the make, model, and kind of van you have. Whether it's a panel van, a window van, or a temperature-controlled van, for example.

    A new page will display once you've input your registration number and postcode, asking for more information about your car. This will contain questions about the mileage, interior, and overall condition of your van, as well as if it is a non-runner or has failed a MOT, as well as whether you have any additions like alloy wheels. By giving this information, our purchasers will be able to examine the car and determine if it is eligible for salvage or scrap.

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    Knowing the Difference Between Scrap and Salvage

    We pay cash for junk and salvage vehicles, so no matter how badly damaged your vehicle appears to be, we'll be able to locate a buyer and get you compensated! The variations between whether a car will be purchased for scrap or salvage are dependent on a variety of factors, but may be boiled down to the vehicle's age, condition, and if it is sought for. Volkswagen Transporters, for example, are a popular work van, and components for these vehicles are constantly in demand in the salvage market, regardless of whether the vehicle has failed its MOT, been involved in a collision, or been written off by an insurance company.

    Many individuals attempt to salvage and repair automobiles on their own, but this isn't always the most cost-effective or time-effective choice. For individuals who do not work in the business, the time and money spent locating components for cars may be prohibitively expensive, even before labour is included in. If a vehicle is sold to someone who specialises in mending cars and getting them back on the road, they will benefit greatly since they will have access to trade discounts as well as the space and equipment needed to repair a car. Vehicles that have not been fixed by a professional might be difficult to sell since the quality of the repairs and the parts used cannot be guaranteed.

    When a van is over fifteen years old and the cost of repair exceeds the vehicle's overall value, it is considered a "end-of-life" vehicle. Much older cars may be salvageable in some cases, although this is generally reserved for classic or collectible vans and not the majority. When a van reaches the end of its useful life, it will undergo a depollution procedure before being recycled by an Authorised Treatment Facility in accordance with government regulations.

    Please ensure that the information supplied in the aforementioned area is as correct as possible, since the information provided will be utilised by our buyers to determine how much they are prepared to pay for your vehicle. This information will also help them figure out what equipment your car will require when it is picked up. Vehicles lacking wheels or inflated tyres, for example, may require a different recovery method than a vehicle that is only slightly damaged and can easily be driven into the recovery truck. Because our buyers are experts in the field, they have recovery trucks that can handle any sort of van, so we can get your car back to you no matter how badly it has been damaged.

    How to Get Paid for Your Scrap Van

    When you use our online service or call our staff directly, getting the lowest price for your vehicle is a straightforward procedure. Our buyers' prices are determined by personal demand, such as if they have a certain car in mind for which they are prepared to pay a premium, and the value of a van depending on the scrap metal market. Prices in the scrap metal market are determined by a van's weight, which is generally measured in tonnes, and the worth of a van might fluctuate depending on market conditions. We guarantee all of our quotations, which means that regardless of market movements, the price you were offered will be the price you receive, guaranteed.

    The only time this does not apply is when a vehicle has been misrepresented. For example, if you tell us your car has collision damage and a failed MOT but still has wheels and the engine runs well, and our buyers learn that what you said isn't true on the day of collection, they can adjust their price to reflect the real worth of the vehicle. Our customers acquire automobiles in any condition, therefore it's critical that the information provided to us is always precise and genuine so that the price given reflects this and there's no uncertainty on the day of pickup.

    All automobiles acquired by our customers will be paid for on the day of pickup and will not be paid for in cash, since cash payments for junk vehicles are against the law. When the Scrap Metal Dealers Act was passed in October 2013, it outlawed cash payments in exchange for scrap automobiles as a measure to fight theft and rogue dealers selling stolen materials. The ‘no cash money as payment' regulation was bought in and enforced to guarantee that payments for scrap metal were always traceable, in order to ensure accountability in the sector. As a result, all of the purchasers represented by our business pay for vehicles using either an instant bank transfer or a check.

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    What Should I Do Next?

    Once you and one of our buyers have agreed on a price for your van, they will contact you to schedule the pickup of your vehicle. Some purchasers have the option of having automobiles delivered to them, and they frequently pay more for it; however, this varies by customer. If this is something you're interested in, be sure to mention it to one of our advisers when you talk with them. All of our buyers provide free pickups, which will be scheduled at a time and date that is convenient for both you and the buyer. Due to the nature of car recovery, specific collection timings cannot be provided; nevertheless, you will be given a time span that specifies when the buyer will arrive to take your vehicle.

    It's a good idea to double-check that everything is ready for your van's collection once the day has been set. There are a few things you may do to make the procedure go more smoothly.

    Prepare your paperwork

    Any paperwork pertaining to the car should be handed to the driver on the day of pickup. The V5c, any manuals, service history, and receipts are all included.

    Organise Your Van

    Many individuals store goods in their vehicle, whether behind the seats or on the side of the door, only to forget about them months later. You won't be able to retrieve any forgotten goods back, so make sure all of your possessions, as well as any trash, are removed from the car before it's picked up. Buyers don't expect a car to be waxed and polished when they pick it up, but they might refuse to accept it if the interior is full of trash.

    Ensure that your vehicle has clear access.

    Because recovery vehicles are longer than standard cars, you'll need to make sure your van is parked somewhere with enough room for the recovery vehicle to manoeuvre.

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