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    Scrap Car Prices: A Guide To UK Scrap Car values


    The most common question old car owners often have is about the worth of their scrap car. Maybe you have also done your research online and by meeting individuals in the marketplace. By evaluating the market, it is easy to note that the cost of your scrap car doesn't depend on one thing and multiple factors need to be considered. Here in this article we will share all the details and try to answer as many questions as we can based on years of our experience as excellent quality scrap car Manchester service provider.

    Scroll through our extensive guide about the sale of your scrap car to learn how you can get the best price for your scrap car. We also outline different factors that increase or decrease your scrap car price today.

    How To Get the Best Deal

    Some important factors must be kept in mind to get the best deal while sailing your scrap car. Ensure that you have learned about these factors because you go to lock yourself the best deal. Take a look at the below-listed factors to get the best deal. 

    1) Find A Closer Buyer

    Try to get a buyer that is close to your local area for selling your scrap car at the best price. It is because the farther the buyer is, the more he will reduce the car price to cover his travel expenses to come to your car. So if you desire to sell your car at the best price, look for the closest dealer.

    2) The Sale Timing Is Extremely Important

    Trying to sell your scrap car at the end of the month is never a good idea as most dealers are busy at that time and they do not entertain every seller. They can easily ignore the sellers that do not meet their demands. By not focusing on non-serious sellers they tend to shift their focus only on the customers who are committed. It is recommended to try selling your car at the start of the month when the prices are more competitive.

    3) Maintain Car Originality As Much As Possible

    The more a car is in its original condition, the more you're going to be paid for it. Try keeping all the original parts intact as much as possible. You must resist the urge of removing any of your original car pieces. Otherwise, the price of your car will be reduced by each original part you might have removed


    4) Be Aware Of The Tricks Of Some Dealers

    The dealers of car scraps look at their profit and you must be very careful while dealing with them. They use different ways to trick you but if you are spark you can spot them. Be careful of these tricks if you are dealing with car dealers:

    • If someone tells you that the scrap car you are selling is worthless and only they can increase its value, don't believe them. No vehicle is worthless even when sold in scrap metal.

    • Some dealers may also deduct the price due to the absence of a logbook. This is not appropriate as they do not need a logbook while scrapping the car.

    5) Deal With Fixed Price Dealers Only

    You must decide the deal on the basis that you get a fixed price surely. Some dealers offer the buyers to have a test drive before the deal is finalized and sometimes and after a test drive they might discourage your demanded price saying that your car has a certain defect. Don’t let them intimidate you. You will get another buyer. If you stick to your price, it's possible that they back down and you get your demanded price.

    6) Claiming Road Tax

    It is advised to claim back the road tax when proceeding to sell your scrap car.

    An online database is used to calculate road tax by DLVA. But if you are a new driver, this may not have any road tax. DLVA must be informed when you put up your call for scrap sale, so that money is refunded. The car price will stay the same after this.

    Price Determining Factors

    Scrap car value changes due to different factors. Some of these factors can be influenced by you and some of them are not.

    1) The Weight And Size Of Your Car

    One of the important factors that influence your scrap car price is the weight and size of your scrap car. The bigger the car, the more the scrap metal will be valuable to the buyer. Hence, this will define the value of your car and the amount you can get on selling it. 

    2) The Make The Model And The Age Of The Car

    The models of the cars that were expensive to buy and keep when they were latest have also had greater worth when sold as scrap cars. The same formula that applies to the latest cars also applies here. The prices change with make and model. Another factor here that has a great influence is the age of the car. The older the car, the more will be its price as a scrap car.

    3) Scrap Metal Market

    The prices of scrap cars also increase or decrease with the market prices of recycled aluminum, steel, and copper in the metal market. It is a factor that you can’t control and you do not need to worry about it.

    4) Receiving Payment For Scrap Cars in Cash

    You must not accept cash payment from any dealer when selling scrap cars! According to the Scrap Metal Dealers Act of 2013, it is prohibited to make a transaction in cash upon sale of the scrap car. Don't make the deal with the dealer who tries to pay you cash for your scrap car. The law was made to keep the money trail of the end of Life Vehicles easily and catch illegal dealers. You always must make the payment through the bank so you have proof to show to the authorities.

    Volkswagen Golf1.416£172
    Renault Scenic1.432£174
    Land Rover Discovery1.854£279
    BMW 3 Series1.29£157
    Audi A31.425£143
    Toyota Hilux1.635£180
    BMW 5 Series1.585£192
    Ford Fiesta0.922£148





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