Have you got a worn-out or damaged car that you no longer need and is on its way to the junkyard to be destroyed? Just a little bit of holding on will be required. It’s possible that your junk car isn’t as useless as you think.

Valuable Parts of a Car are Worth Money to Scrap

The most valuable car parts to scrap are listed in this article, and who knows, you might be surprised by what you find.

1. The GPS System

In fact, a lot of drivers these days favour using their smartphones as their GPS. A built-in GPS is still useful despite this. The benefits of a dedicated, hands-free, mounted, and voice-operated GPS unit is available to drivers who have built-in GPS.

When you consider this, it becomes clear that selling your GPS won’t be a bad idea after all. It’s simple to steal it from your car, and doing so will at least increase your wealth.

2. Catalytic Converters

Your car would have a catalytic converter if it were built after 1975. Even if you are aware of its value, you may not understand why. The solution is very straightforward: Rhodium, platinum, and palladium are precious metals found inside catalytic converters.

These metals and elements are in charge of filtering and reducing the harmful emissions that a car produces. Now you understand the high resale value of catalytic converters. Since they are so well-liked, many people have woken up to discover theirs stolen.

3. Car Battery

Although selling your car battery is fairly easy, doing so could be hazardous to the environment. First of all, selling it for scrap in a scrap yard won’t bring in much money.

Aside from the low pay, scrap yards don’t have much use for car batteries and may simply toss them into the ground.

A superior choice? Has it been reused before? Using Epsom salt and distilled water, you can complete this task quickly and easily on your own. By doing this, you can extend the battery’s lifespan, make it more appealing to a private buyer, and probably get paid more than you would at a scrapyard.

4. Car Engine

If you don’t have a little technical know-how and the necessary tools, disconnecting the engine from your car won’t be as simple as you think. If you choose to hire a mechanic to remove it, you might incur expenses that you may or may not find appealing.

You can also allow the customer to remove it themselves. This might be a better choice for you if having a stranger search your car doesn’t bother you.

5. Car Stereo

Nobody wants to operate a vehicle without a stereo. Remove the stereo and sell it when you’re prepared to tow your junk car to the junkyard.

It’s equivalent to throwing money away to scrap it next to your car. If you replace it with a more modern stereo, that’s even better. Your wallet will gain a few pounds as a result of this. Even though it won’t be as profitable as a new stereo, the stereo you currently have will still be worth something if you don’t replace it.

6. Exhaust Systems

An exhaust system helps to control engine noise as well as the number of fumes released into the atmosphere. It is a highly sought-after product on the market as a result of these features. They are always in demand, so if you’re fortunate enough to still have yours in good shape, having the entire system removed and sold can be quite profitable.

7. Airbags

Unused airbags in your junk car may have value for your wallet, depending on their type. Therefore, even though your car is rendered useless after an accident, but the airbags did not deploy, they are still functional.

8. Doors, windows, mirrors and electrical parts

Each of these components can be sold to generate some extra revenue. The value of the windows, doors, mirrors and other electrical parts is high. This is accurate because accidents of all sizes happen frequently. Because of this, even the smallest component has a high level of necessity.

Every driver will choose to replace these parts when a car is in an accident and has damaged but still has functional parts.

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9. Windshield Wipers

These might not bring in as much money, but they can be worth more than your car’s battery. You might be able to cover the cost per arm depending on your car model.

10. Car Bumper

Any vehicle’s bumper is in charge of shielding the front and rear from low-impact collisions. The majority of car bumpers today are made of fibreglass, steel, aluminium, and plastic. It’s not uncommon to see a car with an aftermarket bumper, particularly if the bumper is a different colour.

This is so because most motorists would rather pay a few hundred dollars for a used bumper than pay high fees to car dealerships. After an accident has caused a bumper to be destroyed, nobody will continue to be without one.

11. Your Vehicle’s Rims and Tires

If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where you had to purchase a used tyre, you know how expensive even a small car’s tyres can be. It won’t be difficult to sell your tyres for cash if they are in good condition. You might receive some decent payouts from them.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the amount you’ll profit from the sale of your tyres will increase with their size. You can be sure that you will profit per piece in the case of rims. You have a hot commodity on your hands if your wheels are made of aluminium, chrome, or an alloy.

12. Motor oil and oil filters

You can have your old oil filters and engine oil rebuilt, cleaned, and recycled even if they don’t make you a lot of money. This will be sufficient to enable you to profit financially from them.

13. Air Conditioning/Cooling System

Nothing is more annoying in the summer than being stranded in a car with a broken air conditioning system. Therefore, if yours is still in good shape and you can have it removed without harming it, you can laugh your money away.

You’ll eventually find a buyer for it as long as your compressor and air conditioner are in good working order. If it’s summer right now or you reside in a region with extreme heat, it will be in much higher demand.

14. Car Seats

You might be able to sell your car seats for a profit, depending on their state. You can be certain that you will have a buyer interested in them if they still look good.

15. Fenders

Any car’s fenders are extremely important. They were created to keep collisions from damaging the car’s underside and wheel wells.

For this reason, fenders are constructed of strong metals that can withstand the uses for which they are intended.

They are just as easily damaged and would require replacement as the bumpers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Would You First Want to Scrap Your Car?

Your car is more likely to consume more fuel the older it is. Additionally, the longer you own and use a car, the closer its components’ lives are to expire. As a result, there will be a greater need for repairs, many of which will be expensive.

How long will it take to disassemble my car?

Your manual dexterity will determine how you answer this. It shouldn’t take long if you’re a pro at doing things yourself around the house. If you’ve never used a socket set before, you might be committed for a while.

What auto parts are the simplest to sell?

It is frequently quicker to simply remove the most valuable components, sell them, and then give the vehicle to a scrap dealer. You’ll probably be given the same or a comparable price for the shell alone as you would for the entire vehicle.

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