What is the worth of a scrap car in the UK this 2022?

You might be asking this question if you’re deciding to discard your vehicle. On average, you can get around £150 to £300 for your scrapped car, but there are significant factors that may affect this price.

For one thing, you need to consider the weight and size of your car. What is its make and model and how old is it? Aspects such as these are taken into account when a breaker yard or else an Authorized Treatment Facility (ATF) pays for it. The scrap metal market that is fluctuating has a bearing on the amount that you’ll get, too.

Where is the location of your scrap dealer? When your car was collected, was it complete, or not? These, as well, impact the worth of your vehicle (Scrap car for money UK).

Scrap Car Price Per Ton

A major factor that dictates the value of a scrap car is its weight. What your dealer is paying for is the recycled metals of your vehicle, that’s why its weight is crucial.

Neither is the price fixed for every ton of metal for a car because it matters what sort it is. Different types of metals have different values, and these rises and fall according to supply and demand. Add to that the changes in currency. On a daily basis, the market cost of recycled steel typically used in cars tends to shift.

Due to this variation, an ATF is not likely to advertise or indicate a fixed price per ton for a scrap car on its website.

The best approach, by far, is to contact each facility directly and cite the details of your vehicle. It makes sense to get several quotes for comparison. Obtain a guaranteed price from your dealer prior to accepting, so that deductions will not be imposed later.

Price Of Scrap Car Batteries

Toxic substances such as lead and around three liters of acid are contained in car batteries. These are hazardous being poisonous and can cause blindness when ingested or exposed to the eyes. They harm the environment in many ways. Thus, car batteries should be safely and responsibly recycled. The prices of it vary.

Car Radiator Price In Scrap

Selling certain components of your car will affect its overall price. Your dealer is apt to deduct an amount from your payment for every part that is missing.

What material is the radiator of your car made of? If it is brass or copper- those often found in older models- prices tend to be higher compared to aluminum which is set up in modern cars. The payment you will fetch also depends on the size and weight of the radiator. The bigger and heavier it is, the higher the payment that you get.

What Is The Price Of A Scrap Car?

A fixed figure can not be indicated to answer your question “How much is my scrap car worth?” Note that the price differs in relation to specific factors.

If your car is bigger and heavier, the amount that you’ll obtain for it is higher. It’s because your scrap dealer can get extra metal from it. So, a small Ford Fiesta is apt to give you half the amount of a larger Land Rover when scrapped.

The same goes for the make and model of your vehicle. These factors have a bearing on its worth when scrapped. If your car was costlier to purchase and run, it’s going to be worth a bigger amount. Age matters, too, because an older car is worth less than a newer one.

Another deciding factor is the current scrap metal market, with copper, steel, and aluminum materials having fluctuating prices due to changes in the currency as well as supply and demand. Consider that the metal material of your car will be recycled when it is scrapped.

It makes sense to sell your scrap car to a breaker yard that is nearer your location. If it is too far, the ATF you’re dealing it with could charge you extra for a long-distance collection.

Selling Your Scrap Car Whole Vs Selling In Parts

If you can, keep your unwanted vehicle intact for selling instead of doing so in individual parts. Removing its parts cannot guarantee that you can deal it for a fair price.

Your scrap vehicle can be sold for a higher price if you sell it whole than if it has missing components. And if it contains original components, it’ll have a bigger value. Otherwise, if there are missing parts, your dealer will deduct them from your payment, so as much as possible, sell your scrap car whole.

It can make a huge difference in the worth of your car if you have some of its parts removed. For instance, without an engine, you could lose £67 from your total payment, or £30 to £85 if the catalytic converter is missing.

It will be difficult to collect a scrap car if some of its parts have been removed, such as the wheels, and the scrap dealer can charge you an additional amount for the inconvenience and extra work.


If it’s time for you to dispose of your car, you can do some research about its market value by accessing online calculators. You’ll be able to track its worth on a day-to-day basis. Contact several scrapyards to get quotes to compare, but if you can, locate one that is local or nearer to you.

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