You might have been driving in the UK for some time already. Being so, you could have come across some myths about the driving laws in this nation. You ought to know which are real and those that are mere misconceptions. Can you turn your interior light on while your car is running, or can you tag your flask of tea with you in your car?

Your drives can become safe and pleasant if you know that you’re doing what is right. By all means, you should read this article about debunking the 8 common car driving myths in the UK (Scrap any model of car UK).

What’s real and what’s chaff when it comes to driving your car in Great Britain?

Common Car Driving Myths In The UK

1. It is against the law if you eat or drink while running your car

FALSE. No law has been established that prohibits a driver from eating or drinking something behind the wheel. However, a police may pull you over and prosecute you if your activity prevents you from driving safely. If your slurping or munching while driving causes you to drive carelessly, you may be charged a fine or face points on your license.

2. It is illegal to drive your car while your interior light is turned on

FALSE. Many drivers have been misled by thinking that it is against the law to drive while the light inside their cars are on. At times, they could overreact when a passenger turns the interior light on while they are operating their vehicles. No worries, because this act is not illegal. If indeed a police pulls you over, it is only to remind you that it may distract your driving.

3. You may be fined for moving over or stopping for an ambulance

TRUE. In some instances, you will have to give way or stop for an ambulance. Nevertheless, there are situations when you can get in trouble if you do so. If you happen to enter a bus lane, drive past a red traffic light or halt at a yellow box junction, you could be charged with a substantial fine while facing 3 penalty points.

4. It is prohibited to use your headphones while operating your car

FALSE. Law has not been created that prohibits drivers from using their headphones while handling their vehicles, although it is not advised that you do so with high volume on. Otherwise, you could be charged with driving without due care, in which an officer may fine you, or your license can face points.

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5. You are banned from using your phone to pay at a drive-through

TRUE. Sadly, you can’t use your phone to pay for something when you are driving. Breaking this law can have you fined heftily, and that’s for £1,000. Whenever you stop for coffee or a burger, it thus makes sense to bring an alternative paying method with you. If this option is not available, see to it that you turn the engine off and apply the handbrake prior to snatching up your phone to settle a payment.

6. It’s not against the law to drive without putting your shoes on

TRUE. Barefoot or with just your flip-flops on, it’s okay to drive in the UK. On the contrary, you will have to prove that you can nonetheless properly and safely operate the controls despite so. In this case, it is not advised to drive when your feet are wet or your pedals are slippery because you can put yourself, your passengers as well as other motorists at risk. When you drive, make sure that you’re wearing shoes that grip well.

7. It is a criminal act to splash puddles on pedestrians

TRUE. While walking down the street on a rainy day, has a car driving by splashed you? Well, that driver has broken the law. This act is definitely unpleasant, a criminal offence categorized as “driving without reasonable consideration for other persons”. Drivers committing this crime will be charged with a fine ranging from £1,000 to £5,000 along with 3 points if the case is brought to court. As a driver, it makes sense to slow down when approaching puddles to prevent these scenarios.

8. You cannot be convicted for road rage

FALSE. Certain incidents on the road can ruffle your feathers, but if you swear and make vulgar gestures to other motorists, it is categorised as disorderly behaviour. It carries with it unwanted fines that can cost you 75% of your weekly income when calculated. So keep your cool because road rage is not worth the hefty fine that can impact your finances.


These car facts may have surprised you in one way or another, but these 8 common driving myths debunked can elucidate you. It always pays to be well-informed, and now you know. So stay safe and keep to the rules when driving!

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